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About Adarsh DAV Public School, Bishnugarh, Jharkhand

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Our mission

The mission of the school is to empower all its students to be problem solvers, users of technology, effective Communicators and lifelong leamers in a rapidly changing global community by the providing challenging experiences in a safe, caring, supportive and co-operative environment and prepare them to be successful and happy in his highly competitive and challenging future global scenario.

Our motto

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The motto of our school is LOVE, TRUTH & JOY All the staffs and students of the school are expected to keep the school moto always uppermost in their minds and ensure standard of excellence in all their day activities to ensure success and happiness in their day to day life.

Our values are what make us stand out

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School Management

Teaching Skills

Other Curriculum

Our vision

The vision of the Education is to build a strong younger generation with a sound body and a well-trained mind with good habits and accomplishments conductive to a full, purposeful and noble life to blossom into an integrated personality.

School Rules

  1. Every student must carry his/her classroom companion to school diary.
  2. Students who come to school on their own should reach school before the start of morning assembly.
  3. The warning before a class for assembly for two years single for all to go to the Assembly or to their respective classrooms. This should be done promptly silence.
  4. Changing of classrooms between periods should be done in an orderly manner and silently.
  5. Students should not leave their classes at the end of every period.
  6. Students should be habitually clean and always be neatly dressed. The school uniform should be worn on all working days and on all school functions.
  7. All boys must keep their hair short. Girls must tie thehre neatly with a green/ black band.
  8. Students are not allowed to bring mobile, I pods and camera to school. If any child caring the above-mentioned items cell we find and amount of rupees 600 parents/guardians should meet principal within a week. The fine will multiply on successive occasions.
  9. School and house appointees, monitors Duty Students, Scholars etc, should wear their respective badges diary. A fine of RS. 50- will be charged if a child processes his/her bashes.
  10. Students who come to school own, It is the responsibility of parents out of the school campus.

School Uniform (Monday to Saturday)

Class I To VIll

Girls: white check skirt, white shirt, Plan black shoes, White hair band/ribbon, Brown Socks (in summer)/Brown leggings (in winter), Belt and 1-Card (one ponytail)

Boys: White shirt, Brown check Full Pant, plain black Shoes, Grey socks, Belt and 1-Card.

Winter Wear

Class I To Viii

Girls: Brown Sweater, Brown/Black scarfs.

Boys: Brown sweater, Brown Caps

Play Zone

A big ground is preset inside the school campus with complete security: including various kinds of playing equipments to cheer up and entertain children and make them healthy.

Admission Proceduce

Admission from and prospectus can be obtained from the office on cash payment. It should be submitted within two days.

The required documents should be attached along with the admission forms and submitted in the office.

Our faculty members

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